I put an end to nail biting

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I stand up to nail biting by getting to the root of the problem and examining the real cause in my personal life. Nail biting is an unhealthy habit mainly caused by boredom or anxiety.

I find alternative ways to relieve tension such as squeezing a plush ball or going for a run. I keep myself active because movement is an effective distraction to nail biting. Successfully reducing my level of stress helps me limit the desire to bite my nails.

I use crossword puzzles and word games on my electronic device to fight boredom. If I ever feel bored, I can play a quick puzzle game on my cell phone instead of biting my nails.

I have the will to stop nail biting for good. I have the strength necessary to be aware of my habit and rise up to action when the feeling strikes. I care about my health and about my hands too much to allow this unclean habit to continue.

I take pride in the way my hands look. I polish my nails frequently and fix any chipped tips quickly to keep my nails looking presentable. When I take pride in the way I look, I am more likely to resist the urge to bite my nails.

Today, I choose to carry a manicure set with me everywhere I go and use it, instead of my mouth, to clip and file my nails as needed. I choose to find alternative outlets for boredom and stress so I can keep myself healthy and my hands beautiful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1) What can I do to fight boredom instead of biting my nails?
2) Where can I get a professional manicure so that I can take pride in my beautiful hands?
3) How can I reduce my level of stress?

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