Meet Marty

Marty has over 25 years experience working with youth in different roles. Youth leader, youth pastor, crisis youth worker, sports coach, boys club leader, campsite manager, mentoring and teaching. 

Founding a Father and Son Rite of Passage Program he has developed his mentoring skills and provided brilliant support to the families that have participated.

A little about Me..

Marty is married to Natalie and together they have raised 4 boys into young men. Marty is passionate about mentoring and has over 25 years mentoring experience in various roles. Marty and Natalie both come from broken homes and it was their life mission to break that cycle of divorce and to set a firm foundation for their sons to build healthy relationships on.

In the modern world, the roles of “Fathers” or “Men” are constantly being challenged or redefined. Being a father is very rewarding and at the same time very challenging. We are responsible for the protection and provision of our families. As our children navigate adolescence, it can be a turbulent time for families, a time when MEN need to step up and stand firm in their families.

What is a real man? Our definition of a real man is someone that: “Rejects passivity, accepts responsibility and leads courageously.” (Adapted from Robert Lewis book: Raising a Modern Day Knight)

How do you know you have become a man? We believe in the power of ceremonies, creating memories, affirmation, and significance in the lives of young men at certain times of development. Our rite of passage programs can help facilitate this for your family.

Education & Accomplishments

I facilitate families achieving their purpose and my accomplishments include:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Spent 30 years working with the Youth and Families
  • CERT III Sport and Recreation Program Deliverer
  • Co-Founder of The Stand Program (Rite of Passage)
  • Founder of the Yr5 Page, Yr6 Squire and Yr7 Knighthood Programs for Fathers and Sons.
  • Delivering Men’s Mentoring Programs online and in person.

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