I breathe in calmness and breathe out anxiety.

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Each breath I take cleanses my mind. Calmness fills my lungs and spreads throughout my body with each inhalation. Stress and anxiety leave my body as I exhale. I spend the entire day constantly renewing myself as I breathe.

Breathing is my anchor to peace and serenity.

I am always at peace, because I can take my breath everywhere I go.

Focusing on my breathing keeps my mind in the present moment. There is nothing to worry about in the present, only in the past or the future. By remaining present, I naturally feel calm and relaxed.

My ability to relax in stressful situations continues to grow. I sometimes feel anxious in the most stressful situations, but I am strengthening my ability to cope with them. I am so pleased with my progress.

I know I can handle anything life may bring my way.

My ability to enjoy my life is increasing, too. My true-self is being revealed by my calm mental state. I am free of stress and anxiety.

Today, I remember to be aware of my breath and the many benefits it provides. I allow all of my stress and worries to leave my body with each breath. I welcome the soothing powers of each breath of fresh air.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is causing me the most stress in my life right now? What can I do about it?
2. Do I allow my mind to focus too much on the past or the future?
3. How would my perspective change if I avoided dwelling on the past or the future?

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