I acknowledge my fears.

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I am aware of my fears, yet I avoid allowing them to take over. I am stronger than any fear or inhibition. I am braver than my fears.

I let go of being afraid. I eliminate the fears that hold me back.

I get rid of things that scare me. I know I am able to handle everything in my path. I jump over challenges and blocks. I stay away from obstacles.

I recognise false fears and understand my anxiety is rooted in fear about the future. I let go of these frightful mindset blocks and release the fear from my mind and body. I am able to let it go with ease.

I am relaxed and free. I understand what I need to accomplish to stay confident and secure. I know how to overcome my challenges with grace. I am grateful for the help I receive.

I release my mind from the clenches of fear.

I am open to new ideas and experiences. I am able to start new journeys without being afraid. I am capable of accomplishing everything I desire.

Today, I say goodbye to my fears. I let go of fears that strangle my potential and success. I am free from worry and anxiety. Stress and fear have zero impact on my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to more easily let go of my fears?
2. How can I ensure that fear is eliminated from my decision-making process?
3. How can I help others avoid being afraid?

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