Add Fun to Your Life by Harnessing the Joy of Anticipation

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The happiest moments of your vacation may take place before you board your plane. Studies show that looking forward to a vacation is often more pleasurable than the time you spend away. After all, you can dream about sunbathing on tropical beaches instead of dealing with crowded airports and squabbling kids.

While the benefits of anticipation come naturally, you can also train yourself to make the most of your high hopes. Look forward to checking out this guide to anticipation.

How to Heighten Anticipation

Create more opportunities to experience happiness. Anticipation intensifies and extends the joy of any special occasion or daily treat.

Try these strategies:

1. Be specific. Drawing vivid mental pictures boosts your enthusiasm. Rehearse what you’re going to say when your boss announces your promotion. Research art museums and gourmet restaurants at your travel destinations.

2. Tune in to your feelings. Anticipation depends on generating current emotions about future events. Try to put your feelings into words. Feel free to smile, dance, and jump up and down.

3. Demonstrate perseverance. It can be difficult to maintain your motivation when you’re working on long-term goals like completing a college degree or establishing a small business. Envisioning your future helps you to stay the course because you sample a little of your success right now.

4. Work on your timing. Find inspiration in short term benchmarks. While you’re waiting to sign a book deal, picture yourself writing a column for your local newspaper.

5. Share the thrills. One of the most effective methods for leveraging your anticipation is collaborating with others. Split a workspace with other entrepreneurs who are trying to get their ideas off the ground. Take dance lessons with your best friend.

6. Enjoy your memories. Reminiscing completes the process. While it may be less potent than anticipation, nostalgia also contributes to feeling good.

7. Revise your to-do list. Of course, you need events you can look forward to if you want to practice anticipation. Ensure your schedule includes fun and entertainment as well as work.

How to Manage Anticipation

Anticipation is such a powerful force that it’s important to handle it with care.

Learn to savor the excitement without giving in to the potential drawbacks:

1. Apply effort. Making your dreams come true requires concrete action as well as imagination. While you’re planning for your dream home, start saving for a down payment.

2. Live in the present. Pay attention to the here and now while you’re keeping an eye on your future. Take satisfaction in the journey as well as the results.

3. Keep minor issues in perspective. Reality sometimes falls short of our expectations. You can relish your new job offer even if it comes with a slightly longer commute.

4. Treat yourself with compassion. What about job interviews when you’re unemployed or dating when you’re nursing a broken heart. Sometimes you need to be gentle with yourself and practice restraint so you won’t feel let down when times are tough.

5. Make contingency plans. At the same time, being flexible and focusing on solutions can help you to indulge your dreams even if your bank account is low. If one option doesn’t pan out, you’ll have a stockpile of alternatives to work with.

6. Soothe your anxiety. In some ways, coping with anxiety is like practicing anticipation in reverse. Your future will probably be a mixed bag, so it’s just as realistic to emphasize the positive aspects instead of speculating about what could go wrong.

Even if you have more than a few grey hairs, you can feel like a kid waiting for Christmas all year round. Discover the joy of anticipation. You’ll be glad you did!

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