5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety While You Wait for Big News

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How do you handle the excruciating time period as you wait for big news? Anxiety and stress are common factors during this waiting game. However, you can take steps to reduce your nervousness.

Reduce your anxiety while you’re waiting with these strategies:

1. Prepare ahead. What steps can you take to prepare for the big news? It’s important to plan for either a positive or negative outcome.

* What can you do to help your family and friends prepare for the big news? For example, if you’re waiting for news from a doctor, then you can start to research different treatments. You can also reach out to your support net for help.

* You may want to consider different preparation factors such as finances, health, household, work, and other areas. You can make plans and evaluate a variety of strategies before you get the news.

* Preparation keeps you busy and helps you reduce anxiety. It prevents your mind from focusing on just one negative factor. It also makes you feel ready to handle the news.

2. Stay present. Mindfulness is an essential part of reducing anxiety and stress during the waiting period. It’s important to stay present in the moment and focus on your life right now. It helps to reduce worry and negative thoughts.

* Mindfulness can help you with stopping thoughts of uncertainty.

* You can’t predict the outcome of the big news, so you shouldn’t create negative scenarios that hurt you in the present.

* Try yoga, meditation, or breathing techniques to stay mindful.

3. Learn to handle uncertainty. One of the main reasons that waiting leads to anxiety is the fear of uncertainty.

* Uncertainty can make you feel uncomfortable and stressed.

* It’s important to recognise that uncertainty is a normal part of existence. You can’t always control your environment, future, or other people.

* The discomfort is temporary because you’ll eventually get the results of your news. This should help you manage the stress.

* You can learn to accept that uncertainty exists and allow it to work its course.

4. Distract yourself. Distractions can help you during long waiting periods. They can offer stress relief and a way to move your attention to a different topic.

* What type of healthy distractions help you during waiting periods? Consider exercise or reading a book. Focus on hobbies such as drawing, cooking, or sewing.

* You can also distract yourself with technology. However, research shows that reaching out to people and going out can be more effective. Plan a night out at a restaurant, gallery, movie, or museum. You can find budget-friendly or free family events.

* Distractions help you pass the time. It’s important to pick positive ones instead of eating junk food or watching television for hours on end.

5. Stay positive. Waiting can lead to negative thoughts and feelings.

* Focus on the positive aspects while preparing for any outcome. You can still stay strong and happy while you wait for the news.

It’s not easy to wait for big news, but you can control the anxiety levels. If you stay focused, then you can manage the stress. Try different techniques such as positive distractions to help you.

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