11 Tips to Crush Anxiety

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Feeling anxiety is a part of life. Feelings of anxiousness can be positive or negative. Anxiety can prevent us from making poor decisions, but it can also constrain us in negative ways. Whether it’s helpful or not, anxiety doesn’t feel good. We feel helpless to control our emotions, but it’s not true.

Rid yourself of anxiety and take control with these techniques:

1. Laugh. It’s not easy to feel anxious while you’re genuinely laughing. Think about the funniest experience you’ve ever had. Watch a TV show or movie that makes you laugh. Read a book of jokes. Find a way to laugh.

2. Call a friend. Good friends always know what to say to lighten the mood. Everyone needs a little support from time to time. Reach out to someone that can help.

3. Remember that life is short. All the people in the local cemetery experienced anxiety, too. Eventually, we all end up in the same place. None of the things you worry about will matter in the end. It’s not easy to maintain a long-term perspective, but not much is truly worthy of fear and anxiety.

4. Think positive thoughts. You can’t be stressed unless you’re thinking stressful thoughts. While it’s very challenging, you can choose your thoughts. It only makes sense to make them positive. Recall your favorite memories. Make a list of the positive things in your life.

5. Turn off the news. Visit your local library and read a newspaper from the 1800s. The news hasn’t changed. People are still complaining about the economy, taxes, politicians, and war. If the news is upsetting to you, turn it off. Ignorance can be bliss.

6. Exercise. The chemicals and neurotransmitters that create the physical sensations we call “anxiety” are mitigated by physical activity. It’s amazing how much relief you can find from 30 minutes of strenuous exercise.

7. Meditate. Meditation and mindfulness have been getting a lot of attention lately. Meditation is focused awareness. It’s up to you to choose the object of your focus. Experts suggest keeping your mind on your current activity or breathing. If you’re 100% focused on tying your shoes or driving your car, you can’t experience anxiety.

8. Start the day positively. The mental wheels start turning as soon as our eyes open in the morning. Take control of your thoughts immediately. Focus on the great things you’re going to accomplish. Think about the wonderful people in your life. Remember your favorite childhood vacation.

9. End the day positively. End your day in the same way. While lying in bed, keep your mind focused on the positive. Drift off to sleep with pleasant thoughts in your head.

10. Deal with the issue causing the anxiety. Rather than upsetting yourself, take action and find a solution. Worrying isn’t a cure. It’s a symptom. If you can resolve the situation, do it.

11. Distract yourself. If there’s nothing you can do about the situation, find a distraction. Some distractions are better than others. Drugs and alcohol are poor choices that make life more challenging. Watching TV or surfing the internet are neutral. Reading, volunteering, or exercising are positive options.

Anxiety is a part of life, but you don’t have to take it lying down. There are many ways to reduce or eliminate anxious feelings. Try a few of these techniques the next time you feel worried. Stacking a few tips can be especially helpful. Try walking on a treadmill while focusing on your breath. You’ll reduce the amount of anxiety present in your life.

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